Educate your kids using Images

We will present to you a series entitled Education with Image. We suggest to each educator, through one of the means of communication, for example WhatsApp, to gather his children or students. Then he sends them a picture, video, or text, and on any of those, to ask them to comment.

A conversation will take place, it will help you discover their thoughts. If they think correctly, you should thank God for that, and may be some ideas will need correction. We will be pleased if you consult us about concepts or ideas that you are concerned about or that you feel a need to be able to correct it.

Following is our 1st picture, post the picture and then ask for feedback from them.

It is a comparison of the atom design with the design of the galaxy with the design of circling movement around the Kaaba.

There is always a center (nucleus, sun, Kaaba) and rotating around it counterclockwise (electrons, planets, pilgrims).

As for the egg, it is a joke, although it also contains a yolk surrounded by a white jelly.

Final comment: God Almighty is the creator of the atom and the creator of the galaxy.

Kaaba is a symbol. While turning around it, symbolizing the bond that protects us from being lost in the universe. Just as an electron is lost if it escapes from the nucleus of its atom, and our planet perishes if it moves away from the sun from its coldness and collision with the rest of the planets or stars, so a Muslim is lost if he moves away from his Kaaba, which is a symbol of our attachment to God and his law.

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